Wildlife garden creation

We provide expert, scientific advice on how to attract wildlife to your garden, including birds, frogs, lizards and insects. We do this via both home visits and public education.

Assessment, advice and creation of a wildlife- friendly garden

  •  a comprehensive assessment of your garden as a habitat for native wildlife
  • based on the assessment, advice on how you can improve your garden as wildlife habitat
  •  wildlife garden creation, including design, planting and additional improvements such as installation of nestboxes
  • a survey of the wildlife occurring on your property before and after your garden conversion
  • on-going maintenance to keep the wildlife coming and your garden looking great!

Presentations and seminars on eco-friendly and wildlife- friendly gardening

Our background in both horticulture, and research and teaching of wildlife conservation in academic institutions puts us in a unique position to provide informative, evidence-based and entertaining talks on both eco-friendly gardening principles and the creation of wildlife gardens. We have conducted presentations for a wide range of audiences including gardening clubs, garden festivals, nurseries, and council residents. You can also find us at community markets with our information and activity stall which has attractions for all ages. We have received very positive feedback on our seminars and are always looking for new opportunities to teach interested people on how to create gardens that benefit our wildlife and environment in general.

Wouter presenting at the Nunawading Community Gardens 40th birthday celebrations