About us


Every garden deserves to be a personalised expression of who you are.  It’s a place to relax and a sanctuary for many, and to achieve that, it needs to be nurtured and cared for by gardening professionals who have an intrinsic mandate to make your garden environment shine throughout the four seasons of the year.

At Natureworks Garden Care, you’ll find a devoted and passionate team of experts who have more than twenty years of professional experience in maintaining domestic gardens, and whom also have extensive credentials in caring for the environment as a whole.

You’ll find our level of commitment to creating beautiful and sustainable gardens to be exceptional. 

Our approach to bringing the natural elements of your home’s natural surroundings to life is imaginative and inventive, with a focus on what’s practical and suitable – and founded on attracting wildlife to your garden.

There are three elements to our business:

  1. Garden Maintenance – we’ll mow, prune, fertilise, plant new trees and shrubs, mulch and maintain any areas of your property that you’d like us to attend to (either regularly or on one-off occasions).
  2. Gardens for Wildlife – with our specialist scientific knowledge and abilities, we’ll soon turn your garden into a haven for birds and other wildlife species, by (for example) planting-out bird and butterfly attracting indigenous flora, creating habitat for lizards, and by installing nest boxes for birds, bats and possums.
  3. Garden Consultation Assessments – to ascertain your garden’s natural propensity to become even more of a habitat for wildlife than it currently is.


We are a team of four dedicated gardeners with a wide range of passions, knowledge and skills.

Managing Director, Wouter van Dongen, has a Doctorate in Zoology, and has travelled the world as a Research Scientist.  His love for gardening is well-supported by his studies of wildlife conservation, zoological genetics, animal behaviour, and microbiology.  He has a particular natureworks_staff_049lrinterest in the conservation of bird species, including the environmental factors that enhance or endanger their existence, and in using this information to help protect Australia’s unique birdlife.  Wouter has published over forty scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals and magazines (for details click here), and has been invited to give radio interviews featuring his research.  He is also a Presenter on Wildlife Gardening, at special gardening events (for the City of Whitehorse, Waverley Garden Club, and others).  The City of Melbourne has engaged Wouter to conduct a birdlife abundance survey in the CBD, he has been prolific in writing scientific reports for numerous conservation foundations, and has previously been a Biodiversity and Conservation Project Officer with the former Department of Sustainability and Environment.

Wouter passionately drives home his deep love for the environment through his leadership and physical involvement in Natureworks Garden Care as a full-time concern, and continues to be in demand as a lecturer at both Victoria University and Deakin University, whilst concurrently supporting and mentoring PhD and undergraduate students.

Wouter is also a proud Member of the Green Gardening Professionals Group of Sustainable Gardening Australia, Candlebark Indigenous Nursery and the Waverley Garden Club.

Isabella is a passionate gardener with a special interest in vegetable gardens and sustainable gardening. She is currently completing a course in environmental education, which will allow Natureworks Garden Care to teach both adults and children how to lead a more environmentally-sustainable life.

Ajanni, Hilary, Tracy and Melanie complete our team of passionate horticulturists. Watch this space for more information on their skills and interests to come!


For more information about our Services, including:

  • General Residential Garden Maintenance in Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs – such as Donvale, Park Orchards, Wonga Park, Warrandyte, Knox and Lilydale (including mowing, mulching, planting, pruning, and trimming your existing areas, and establishing new garden beds)
  • Wildlife-Friendly Gardens – Garden Assessments, Garden Design, Creation, and Maintenance
  • Real Estate Property Management and Owner’s Corporation Garden Maintenance (including pre-sale and post-rental garden grooming and clean-ups).

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