Quality garden maintenance

Natureworks Garden Care has a passionate team of experts who excel in a wide range of horticultural areas. The maintenance and creation of beautiful and sustainable gardens takes skill and commitment. We bring to you our extensive experience and dedication to giving the best gardening advice and service possible. We provide the following services:


1. Regular garden maintenance

We’ll mow, weed, prune, fertilise, create planting designs, plant new flowers, trees and shrubs, establish new garden beds, mulch, remove garden waste, and maintain any areas of your property that you’d like us to attend to (either regularly or on one-off occasions).

Our expertise and hard-working approach means you’ll be able to rely upon us. We’ll ensure that those things that you just ‘can’t get around to doing for yourself’ magically happen.

Choose to have us work for several hours a week, once a month, or at seasonal times when your garden has peak growth periods.


2. Real estate/body corporate garden maintenance and clean-ups

a) Rental Properties can sometimes become rather untidy due to a lack of care exhibited by tenants, regardless of their signed contract agreements to maintain the property under their lease. Our team will gladly work under the direction of tenants, landlords or real estate property managers to restore those garden areas that require attention and make improvements on request.  This may occur whilst the tenants are still in-residence, or as a pre-Rental or post-Rental Service.

b) Properties with areas under the responsibility of Tenants-in-common (for example, townhouse developments) require regular garden maintenance, which usually falls under the banner of Owners Corporation Agreements. Natureworks will attend to the upkeep of these garden and ground areas on a regular basis, which will create harmony and a stress-free situation for all concerned.

 c) Pre-Sale Residential Home Garden Grooming and Clean-ups There’s enough to do prior to when your house goes on the Real Estate Market for sale. Let Natureworks Garden Care take the worry out of tidying your gardens, improve the landscape as a whole, and help get your outside areas ready to be viewed at their best.  We’ll do all we can to improve the saleability and all-important first street-appeal impression of your gardens, for any potential buyers – from the minute they step out of their car.

3. New plantings in existing garden beds

At Natureworks, we understand that everyone is unique in their tastes and preferred garden styles. That’s why we have comprehensive chats with potential clients about their vision for their garden, whilst also taking into consideration their ability to maintain the garden once established, the soil condition, sun exposure and many more aspects that will influence what plants can be added to their garden and where. Whether it’s a formal garden, cottage garden, indigenous garden, a garden under eucalyptus trees or on the shady side of the house, we can select the correct plants for you to ensure that they will not only survive, but thrive, in the style you prefer.

4. Planting vegetable gardens

Harvesting freshly-grown vegetables from your own garden is always a pleasure. However, many people may not have the knowledge or time to dedicate to establish and maintain a vegetable garden. Allow us to take the guess work out of veggie gardening. We can help plant in-season vegetables, create companion plantings, help control pests and fertilise to maximise the chances that you harvest a bumper crop.

5. Creation and Maintenance of Gardens for Wildlife

Wildlife-friendly gardens bring nature to the fore and, with that in mind, we’ll be happy to visit your property, conduct a tailored Gardens For Wildlife Assessment and design the perfect garden to provide a haven for wildlife.

Based on the results of the report, and our specialist scientific knowledge, we’ll be able to turn your garden into a haven for birds and other wildlife species, by (for example) planting-out bird and butterfly attracting indigenous flora, creating habitat for lizards, and by installing nest boxes for birds, bats and possums. All recommendations stemming from our initial assessment can be carried out by our expert team, and we can then help you keep your garden maintained for optimal results.